Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution ADR) methods offer varied ways to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom.  Some benefits of alternative dispute resolution over traditional litigation methods are:

  • ADR is confidential without the filing of documents and evidence into the public court forum
  • ADR is less formal without the burden of adhering to rigid court rules and processes
  • ADR may be less expensive without court fees and bulky court procedures to follow
  • ADR may be a much faster process without awaiting court dates including delays
  • ADR offers more options for creative and customized resolutions

Negotiation personalizes the conflict resolution process by allowing parties to suggest their own terms and achieve mutually satisfactory goals.  Negotiation can also help to ease the pressure that conflicts can inflict on continuing relationships, such as friendships, business relations, and family connections.

At McNab Small Claims Debt Litigation Services, our legal professionals rely on their proven advocacy skills and technical expertise, to help resolve conflicts and negotiate favourable settlements on behalf of our clients.  Our negotiation tactics are competitive, and are driven by the underlying goals and interests of each client and involves:

  • Offers to Settle
  • Counter-Offers
  • Offer Withdrawals
  • Terms of Settlement
  • Payment Terms

A mediation is an alternative resolution process where a neutral third party assists in resolving the conflict.  At McNab Small Claims Debt Litigation Services we offer two types of mediation services as follows:

  • Client Representation
  • Neutral Mediator

Client Representation

We provide representation for our clients during mediations advocating for remedies that favour the interests and personal goals of our clients.  For this service, our client is billed in accordance with the fee structure specified in the retainer agreement.

Neutral Mediator

As a mediator, we act neutrally without ties to either party are without representing the interests of any individual during the mediation.  We simply facilitate settlement discussions by assisting and guiding all parties to come to their own win-win resolution.  This service is available to members of the community for a flat rate or for an hourly rate depending on the estimated length of the mediation.  See our Fees Page for details.

Please note that the role of a mediator differs greatly from the role as a representative during a mediation.

If you are looking for an alternative dispute resolution method that is faster and less expensive than traditional litigation, book a consultation with us to find out whether our negotiation or mediation services is right for you.

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